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Cyprus’ colourful history is reflected in the rich cultural life in Cyprus today. Almost every week there is some sort of celebration, a festival, a wedding or a saint’s day (which are celebrated instead of birthdays).

Religious festivals are particularly significant in Cyprus and none more so than the Greek Orthodox Easter. This is the highlight of the religious year and is considered more important than Christmas. On Easter Saturday most Cypriots will be found in the church, attending midnight mass. There is a bonfire with an effigy of Judas outside the church and also fireworks. On Easter Sunday families sit down together to eat the traditional roast lamb lunch.

Springtime is also festival time with all the major towns hosting carnival parades. There are flower festivals with parades of flower-covered floats. The largest carnival is in Limassol, with its many floats, parades and other entertainment.

Kataklysmos is another important festival - the festival of the flood- and there are celebrations in every town, with open-air fetes, games and competitions.

Harvest time is time for the wine festivals, the largest being held in Limassol. Every year thousands of visitors go to the festival to enjoy the large range of food and wine on offer.

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